Often overlooked oral health care can lead to infections and pain in your pet

A dog with a broken tooth, the probe is marking the area of the exposed root. If not removed, this will lead to a painful abscess of the tooth root

It’s not just bad breath – severe tartar buildup and periodontal disease cause pain and chronic infection in your pet’s mouth.

Your pet’s oral health is something that is all too often overlooked, when it is truly one of the most important parts of their overall well being.

Tartar buildup can lead to disease of the gums and roots of the teeth, producing bacterial infections that cause bad-breath and, over time, can be extremely painful. If left untreated, bacteria can enter the bloodstream and cause disease in the liver, kidneys, and heart.

Our dental health program includes tips on how to get your pet started on home dental care and promotes regular oral exams to determine when a full dental cleaning is needed.

When a dental procedure is performed it may include pre-anesthetic blood screening, ultrasonic scaling, polishing, and antibiotics. In some cases, diseased teeth are extracted and appropriate pain management medications are used as needed.

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