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On-Site Animal Surgery

Our veterinarians are well trained and experienced surgeons. In addition to routine spay and neuter procedures, surgical treatment is often recommended in the treatment of common disorders such as bladder stones, gastrointestinal blockages, and trauma.

We can perform many of these treatments and procedures on-site and, when necessary, can make recommendations for referral to veterinary specialists in the area. Before any surgical procedure is performed, our veterinarians will discuss any recommended pre-surgical blood work or other diagnostic testing to help ensure your pet is a good candidate for anesthesia.

Our staff will consistently monitor your pet’s vital signs during surgery and oversee their safe recovery from anesthesia. Of course, our veterinarians will always discuss the alternative options to surgery such as possible medical management of your pet’s condition.

Puppies delivered by emergency C-section, seen here resting on their mother in recovery

Connor, recovering from a front leg amputation after being hit by a car

Nicky, wearing bandages while undergoing wound repair for severe trauma after being attacked outside in his yard

Surgery to correct Entropion

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