On-site pet medications are available at our locations, for our pet owner’s convenience

Our Pharmacy has all you need for flea and tick prevention

This includes the medications we recommend for monthly heartworm and flea / tick prevention. It is vital to your pet’s health that these preventatives be used each month, all year-round. Giving these medications monthly will prevent infestations within your home and minimize the risk of transmission of potentially deadly diseases to your pet. Please understand that some of these products are available by prescription only (such as Nexgard, Trifexis, Heartgard, and Revolution). Florida law prohibits the purchase of any prescription medication for a pet that has not had a physical exam by the veterinarian within the last year. This includes purchasing of veterinary prescription diets, such as those from Hills Science Diet, Royal Canin, and Purina which may also be used to treat your pet’s medical condition.

On-site Animal Pharmacies

We want you to know that we also Meet or Beat online pricing on most pet medications, plus we are able to offer you manufacturer rebates and promotions for free product that online pharmacies cannot provide! If you are interested in “price matching” a product you are purchasing for your pet, please have our staff check the website you use before you check out. Online pricing can change quickly, so we will need to confirm the current pricing at the time of purchase. If you have received a special coupon/ discount pricing from an online pharmacy, please bring a copy of this with you in order for us to match this at the time of purchase. We may not be able to match pricing from non-reputable sites, and urge you to question the source of products that have been priced questionably below market value.

In many cases, the veterinarian may also recommend a more natural approach to managing certain conditions through the use of veterinary supplements. These could include management of degenerative joint disease/ arthritis, allergies and skin disease, as well as anxiety, thunderstorm phobia, inappropriate urination and other behavioral conditions.

We recommend high quality veterinary supplements from Nutramax because unlike many other over the counter supplements on the market, Nutramax products have proven results for your pet.

In some cases, our veterinarians may prescribe a medication for your pet that may be filled through a human pharmacy. We will then provide you with a written prescription to take to the pharmacy of your choosing. In cases where a prescription medication needs to be compounded into a liquid or transdermal gel, we may elect to call in the prescription to a local compounding pharmacy. Please ask a member of our staff if you have any questions about how to give your pet medication.

Although some human medications may be safe to administer to pets, many are not and may have devastating side effects. For example, although once thought to be safe, aspirin is no longer recommended as a pain medication for pets as it can cause life threatening bleeding in the stomach and intestines. Please never administer any medication to your pet without first speaking to one of our staff members who will make sure it will be both safe and effective.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (321) 724-1445.